Nuh Guh Deh Campaign

Data reported by The United Nation Children Fund’s (UNICEF), declares that children who have been severely abused or neglected are often hampered in their development, experience learning difficulties and perform poorly at school. They may have low self-esteem and suffer from depression, which can lead, to risky behaviors and self-harm. Our project aims to raise awareness and address these issues through prevention programs.


Formerly Jamaica International Female Football Development  Inc. (JIFFD)

Diaspora TaskForce

The “NUH GUH DEH” – Diaspora Campaign is administered by a JIFD local task force, has the endorsement of the Consul General of Jamaica to Miami and support from elected officials such as City of Miramar Mayor, Wayne Messam and his Office.

“This issue of child sexual abuse is a worldwide problem, and one which affects local communities.  Of the thirty one Broward cities it is estimated that an average of two cases are reported per month, per city.  With this in mind I am prepared to support the NGD initiative as it addresses the problem locally and internationally” – Mayor Wayne Messam.

Project Overview:
Through the PROTECT THE CHILDREN Project, we seeks to raise awareness around the current global sexual abuse problems and provide opportunities for prevention.  Our message highlights current survivors of Child Sexual Abuse and the long-term disparity they face, provide educational skills for preventing the abuse, engage young boys in hope of breaking the cycle of them becoming perpetrators as adults, emphasize the connection of athletics and education and the role it plays in social development and prevention. 

Supporting Partners

UNICEF, Mister Mister Foundation, Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness, Kiwanis Club, City of Miramar and City of Lauderhill, Children Services Council of Broward County, Nancy J Cotterman Center, Irie FM.

Project Objectives
PROTECT THE CHILDREN project is the US umbrella of the Eve for Life Nuh Guh Deh Campaign. Project objectives is to raise global awareness for the protection of children from increasing sexual abuse and its ramifications while providing leadership through athletics to youths. 

Expected Outcomes

The Protect The Children Project is ongoing. This initiative seeks to challenge key attitudes, behaviors and norms that facilitate the continued sexual abuse of the girl child in Jamaica and the Diaspora. It will stimulate dialogue and action (report abuse/caution men) among communities, families and the media. We will seek legislative changes, increased awareness and education within our local and international communities.
 1. Increase efforts at reducing adolescents through a multimedia communication campaign to  
    end sex with girl-child. 
2. Empower 10 – 15 adolescent and young women as mentors to address sexual abuse through community engagements in four cities within Broward County.
3. Empower the media to address sexual abuse of our youths and its implications.
4. Increase knowledge and understanding of the link between sexual abuse of girls and STD’s among adolescent girls in schools.
6. Implement social and educational services within 5 local community sports leagues to address prevention.
7. Create positive opportunities for young girls with a desire to achieve, through sports, an opportunity for better life experiences.  During our 2014 Jamaica National Women Football Team International Camp, several South Florida and Jamaican based players received athletic scholarships.We will continue to measure our success through scholarship opportunities offered our athletes.