•Focus on tutoring and test preparation support.
•Develop after school programs  within the scope of JIFDP, that promotes holistic learning.
•Provide opportunities for college scholarships
Goals and Objectives

•Establish committee to create a network of tutoring and test preparation organizations, and coordinate said efforts with the school system.
•Partner with private sector to gain support for tutoring network.
•Establish Adopt a School after school program, where multiple businesses and NGOs can contribute to the sponsoring of one or more aftercare programs.

Our mission is to help today's youth become tomorrow's leaders providing them opportunities to better themselves through; Education, Health and Wellness, Social Development and Athletics.  

The Female Development World Organization Inc. (FDWO) serves at risk youths. We execute our objectives through mentoring programs and initiatives. Since Inception, FDWO provided scholarship opportunities to female athletes.


Formerly Jamaica International Female Football Development  Inc. (JIFFD)

At Risk Youth Programs



•Focus on physical fitness
•Skills training and development
•Establish and support school female football programs
•International playing experience

Goals and Objectives

•Establish a committee to reach out to corporation to support the female programs
•Organize international training camps
•Establish community outreach events
•Partner with related organizations to create training camps/clinics
•Create alliances with cities, schools, and NGOs to establish an network of football training facilities



•Provide peer-to-peer and Sr./Jr. mentorship and support groups.
•Provide life skills training along with grooming and hygiene.
•Teach etiquette skills to develop socially balanced young ladies and self-esteem.
•Encourage a stronger culture of family support and participation.
Goals and Objectives

•Focus efforts on outreach programs serving girls in low to moderate income areas.
•Partner with Government, NGO and private sector to implement social development programs.
•Collaborate with Corporate entities to implement alternate job training skills.



•Provide health counseling for girls facing health-related issues, that otherwise could manifest into more serious challenges.
•Collaborate with Ministry of Health to promote healthy lifestyle.
Goals and Objectives

•Work with community NGO’s to develop prevention strategies and programs.
•Collaborate with community physicians to ensure required medical check-ups are maintained.
•Partner with private sector to gain support for wellness program.
•Engage family members to ensure emotional well-being is priority.